Areas of expertise


Our firm has a team with international and multi-jurisdictional background, specialized in issues of international law and comparative law.

Our practice in International law and International legal cooperation is allied to other practices to deliver complete and global solutions to clients according to their demands.

Our Services Include:

  • Representation and consultancy for foreign states in extradition proceedings and requests for mutual legal assistance in criminal and civil matters, and in the interpretation and application of foreign and international rules, as well as in cases of conflict or immunity from jurisdiction.
  • Representation of national and foreign natural and legal persons in transactional demands, before the Judiciary and other Brazilian authorities, such as execution of letters rogatory, homologation of foreign sentences, transfer of sentenced persons, representation in extradition proceedings, and in the role of assistant prosecution officer.
  • Consultancy in transactional demands in a preventive manner and in probable administrative and judicial proceedings, as well as in negotiation of treaties in legal cooperation and in the monitoring of their internalization.