Areas of expertise

The firm works in criminal matters involving consulting and representing individuals and companies, with solutions designed to meet the demands of each client.
Our work in Administrative Law is aligned with our experience in corporate criminal Law, assisting our clients in their contractual and non-contractual relations with the State, on a preventive and repressive way.
Our work in Corporate Ethics and Compliance is aligned with our experience in corporate and administrative criminal proceedings to assist our clients in assessing their risks and making decisions, especially in crisis situations, in a preventive manner.
Our work in the Superior Courts (essentially STJ and STF) takes place through judicial representation in cases related to various areas of law. We have experienced professionals and we act based on a strategic analysis, to deliver solutions that are in tune with the demands of our clients, in a global way.
Our practice in International law and International legal cooperation is allied to other practices to deliver complete and global solutions to clients according to their demands.
Our team has extensive experience in financial regulation, supporting banks, fintechs, payment institutions and crypto-asset service providers. We offer legal advice and represent our clients in court and out-of-court matters related to the Brazilian financial market. We focus on understanding regulatory expectations and ensuring compliance, providing clear, strategic guidance to navigate financial regulations effectively.
In the Government Relations practice of Madruga BTW, we offer strategic action focused on direct and personalized interaction between the client and relevant stakeholders, tailored to meet the demands for the representation of interests.
Our practice involves consulting and representation of individuals and companies, both domestic and international, involving health-related themes, regulated agribusiness markets, the pharmaceutical sector, and new health technologies.