Areas of Expertise

Corporate criminal law

The firm works in criminal matters involving consulting and representing individuals and companies, with solutions designed to meet the demands of each client.​

Our consulting services include:​

  • Advice on criminal risks related to the company, its managers and third parties. Criminal exposure assessment of new businesses and technologies (e.g., fintechs, insurtechs and startups in regulated markets).​
  • Due diligence on stressed assets to be acquired or traded by our clients, focusing on the analysis of legal and property risks arising from criminal and sanctioning processes.​
  • Drafting of legal opinions related to criminal matters of interest to our clients.

Our representation services include:

  • Strategic criminal representation in cases of high relevance to our clients, including defense of executives and employees, as well as the company’s own interests in criminal proceedings.
  • Negotiation of agreements with public authorities to resolve criminal or sanctioning demands (e.g. plea bargain, leniency agreements, conduct adjustment term, etc.).​
  • Criminal litigation for companies with less complex criminal claims, associated with the day-to-day business, including the preparation of requests for the initiation of an investigation, monitoring of criminal proceedings, depositions follow-up, responses to official letters from police or judicial authorities, defense of employees, among others.