Areas of Expertise

Life Sciences

Our practice involves consulting and representation of individuals and companies, both domestic and international, involving health-related themes, regulated agribusiness markets, the pharmaceutical sector, and new health technologies.

Our services include:

Consultation and filing of lawsuits on matters related to products and services under the jurisdiction of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA), and the National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio).

Risk assessment linked to the sector, covering the analysis of legal vulnerability in emerging markets and guidance for the adoption of strategies that minimize the identified risks, encompassing traditional Life Sciences markets, as well as medicinal cannabis, industrial hemp, and psychedelic substances markets.

  • Representation in high-profile legal disputes within the Life Sciences sector and corporate defense in litigation, including litigation in Superior Courts.
  • Negotiation and coordination of agreements with regulatory authorities on compliance issues.
  • Monitoring of sensitive regulatory changes in the sector.
  • Advisory to foreign companies for entering and operating in the Brazilian market, considering local regulatory aspects.