Areas of expertise

Government Relations

In the Government Relations practice of Madruga BTW, we offer strategic action focused on direct and personalized interaction between the client and relevant stakeholders, tailored to meet the demands for the representation of interests.

Strategy Development and Implementation: Development and execution of actions to influence stakeholders effectively.

Identification of Key Agents: Location and analysis of the most influential stakeholders for each case.

Crisis Management and Prevention: Proactive strategies to manage and prevent crises.

Stakeholder Relationship Management:

  • Organization of events to foster dialogue between the public sector and private initiative.
  • Mapping of relevant sectoral events.
  • Development of strategic communications, through the crafting of messages and communication materials targeted at specific stakeholders.


At Madruga BTW, our services in Government Relations are essential tools to guide and strengthen our clients’ presence in the political scene. Our strategic and personalized focus ensures that each client has an active and relevant voice in the decisions that impact their interests.


  • Monitoring and preparation for CPIs (Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry)
  • Support in creating Parliamentary Groups
  • Mapping of key congressional members for specific issues
  • Organization and follow-up of meetings with congressional members
  • Development and defense of Bills
  • Articulation and monitoring of Public Hearings
  • Drafting of reports on the content of laws and Bills

Executive branch

  • Mapping of relevant government agencies and authorities
  • Scheduling and follow-up of meetings with authorities
  • Inquiries and research on strategic themes in government agencies such:
    • National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)
    • Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA)
  • Defense of interests in Ministries and government agencies