Areas of expertise

Banks, Fintechs and Financial Services

Our team has extensive experience in financial regulation, supporting banks, fintechs, payment institutions and crypto-asset service providers. We offer legal advice and represent our clients in court and out-of-court matters related to the Brazilian financial market. We focus on understanding regulatory expectations and ensuring compliance, providing clear, strategic guidance to navigate financial regulations effectively.

Areas of Practice:

  • Authorizations for financial and payment institutions: We assist our clients in obtaining operating authorizations, seeking the adequacy and agility necessary for the development of their businesses.
  • Virtual Assets Market: We deliver expert legal guidance in the virtual assets market, ensuring our clients are compliant and well-informed amidst its evolving regulations. Our targeted advice helps clients mitigate risks and seize opportunities, allowing them to focus on business growth and innovation with confidence in their legal standing.
  • Financial and Capital Markets Operations: Our expertise spans a diverse array of transactions, encompassing the assignment and securitization of receivables, fundraising efforts, and regulations of various financial instruments (derivatives included).
  • Corporate restructuring: We offer comprehensive services, including mergers, demergers, incorporations, and statutory amendments. Whether the goal is to consolidate operations, divest certain units, enhance corporate efficiency, or adapt to evolving market conditions, our comprehensive services aim to optimize the restructuring outcomes in compliance with the relevant legal frameworks and regulatory standards.
  • Pix, Open Finance, and Regulatory Sandbox: Our firm provides cutting-edge legal support in the realms of Pix, Open Finance, and the Regulatory Sandbox. We guide our clients through innovative financial landscapes with strategic advice that harnesses opportunities and navigates regulatory intricacies.
  • Resolution Regimes: Our firm offers expert guidance resolution regimes, providing strategic advice to mitigate risks and minimize impacts. We deliver targeted support to navigate these frameworks, ensuring our clients are well-prepared and resilient against regulatory challenges.
  • Sanctioning Administrative Procedures: We offer specialized representation in sanctioning administrative procedures, rigorously defending our clients’ interests before the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) and the Financial Activities Control Council (CRSFN). Moreover, we represent our clients in proposing, negotiating, and complying with administrative agreements during sanctioning processes in order to obtain conciliatory resolutions that meet regulatory standards and protect our clients’ interests..
  • Banking Secrecy and Data Privacy: We offer expert advice on adhering to bank secrecy and data privacy laws, ensuring that our clients manage sensitive information in line with Brazil’s rigorous regulatory requirements.
  • AML/CFT and Consumer Protection Laws: We have extensive experience in implementing strategies to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing within the financial system. We guide our clients to not only meet the demanding AML/CFT regulations but also to adopt best practices to protect their operations from illicit activities.
  • Consumer Protection Laws: our firm provides specialized legal guidance in Consumer Protection Laws, safeguarding our clients’ operations and reinforcing a transparent relationship with their customers.
  • Foreign Exchange: We provide detailed legal guidance for operations in the foreign exchange market, covering the buying and selling of foreign currencies, managing international remittances, and conducting cross-border transactions in Brazilian Reais.
  • Foreign Capitals in Brazil and Brazilian Capital Abroad: We assist companies and individuals with the regulations concerning Brazilian capital abroad and foreign capital in Brazil. We facilitate adherence to the Central Bank of Brazil’s reporting obligations, enabling our clients to concentrate on their principal business functions.